Rosedale Incident

Incident Name: Rosedale Incident
Incident Location: 17000 block of Rosedale Highway
Incident Time: 10:09:00 p.m.
Incident Date: 11-25-2017
Incident Type: Structure Fire
Equipment Assigned:

Kern County Fire: Engines 65, 67; Truck 65; Breathing Support 66; Water Tender 67; Safety Officer;  Battalion 6; PIO

Bakersfield Fire: Engine 15; Truck 15

Cause: Unknown
Injuries: 1 minor
Structure Value Lost: $12,000
Total Personnel: 20

Rosedale, CA

Just after 10:00 PM, the Kern County Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure on fire. The first engine on scene was faced with an approximately 5000 square foot metal building shop on fire with a single family residence as an exposure to the south of the fire.  Firefighters were able to aggressively attack the fire, but were limited due to no water supply in the immediate area. A water tender was ordered by on scene personnel to help support fire fighting operations. Firefighters had to force entry into the shop by cutting entry holes into the side of the building enabling them to get water on the fire protecting a nearby travel trailer and a single family residence that were threatened by the fire. There were several cars being stored in the shop that were damaged by the fire. Loss as a result of the fire is estimated at $12,000, while approximately $250,000 was saved. The cause of the fire is under investigation. There was one minor injury to a civilian due to smoke inhalation, who was checked on scene by ambulance and released.

Assisting Agencies: Hall Ambulance, Bakersfield City Fire



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