GrapeVine Incident

Incident Name: Grapevine Incident
Incident Time: 2:33:00 p.m.
Incident Date: 8-10-2017
Incident Type: Wildland Fire
Incident Location: Interstate 5, South of Grapevine Road
Personnel:  76


Tejon, CA

At 2:33 PM on Thursday afternoon, firefighters responded to reports of a vehicle collision involving two tractor trailers.  As firefighters were responding, dispatchers received updated reports that one of the trailers, a tanker, was leaking hot asphalt.  Callers indicated that the trucks were on fire, as well as fire in the grass along the Interstate.  Additional resources were added to the response including Kern County Fire Department’s Hazmat unit and officials from Environmental Health.  A wildland fire response was also initiated—patrols, engines, crews, bulldozers, helicopters, and air tankers.

The first arriving engine crew confirmed that all occupants of the involved tractor trailers were a safe distance from the burning vehicles.  Resources were assigned to provide patient care—one driver sustained serious injuries and was transported to the hospital by ambulance. The driver and passenger of the tanker truck refused medical treatment/transport.  Hazmat personnel, Environmental Health, and Cal-Trans were assigned to handle the 6000 gallons of liquid asphalt that was running downhill on the shoulder of the Interstate. Other resources were assigned to fight the fire spreading through the dry grass.

Firefighters positioned themselves between the fire and nearby businesses for structure protection—no damage was done to any buildings.  The grass fire grew quickly and made rapid runs up the steep slopes of the mountains to the south.  As additional units arrived on scene, an aggressive attack was made from both air and ground resources.  Firefighters stopped the fire before it threatened the structures in Digier Canyon and high-voltage transmission lines.

A total of 338 acres of grass burned.


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