Quail Incident

Incident Name: Quail Incident
Incident Time: 12:30:00 p.m.
Incident Date: 7-06-2017
Incident Type: Grass Fire
Incident Location:

Highway 65, both north and south of Famoso

Equipment Assigned:

KCFD 5 Engines, 13 Patrols, 4  Water Tenders, Helicopter 408, 4 Battalion Chiefs, PIO, 3 Safety Officers, 1 Crew, 4 Bulldozers, 3 Fire Investigators




Famoso, CA

At 12:30 PM the Kern County Fire Department received multiple calls for a roadside fire along Highway 65, north of Merced Ave.  Responding units spotted several distinct smoke columns while en route and additional units were dispatched.  First arriving crews were faced with several fires and prioritized the fires with the most immediate threat to structures and livestock.  There were a total of 5 fires—the four fires on the east side of Hwy 65 had potential for significant growth due to the winds pushing the flames to the east/southeast.  Additional air tankers, helicopters, and bulldozers were ordered and proved to be valuable in stopping the rapid spread of the fires before causing any damage to structures.  A total of 1626 acres burned, and no injuries reported.

These five fires were collectively named the QUAIL INCIDENT.
The size of each fire (form north to south) are as follows:  186, 624, 207, 602, & 7 acres. 

The Kern County Fire Department would like to remind residents to make sure they maintain the required defensible space around their home. 

Assisting Agencies: Kern County Sheriff, BLM, CHP, Cal Trans, Cal Fire






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