Hart Flat Incident

Incident Name: Hart Flat Incident
Incident Time: 01:00:00 PM
Incident Date: 06-29-2016
Incident Location: Anderson Court 
Incident Type: Technical Rescue
Resources Used:

Engines 11, 13; Helicopter 407; 

Battalion 1; Safety Officer  




Hart Flat, CA

At approximately 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, the Kern County Fire Department received a report of an elderly person who had fallen off a cliff near his residence on Anderson Court in Hart Flat. Due to the remote location and the reported steep terrain, Kern County Helicopter 407 was engaged for the technical rescue. First arriving personnel climbed down into a steep drainage and encountered a ninety-one year old male who had fallen and rolled down the slope into the rift. The patient had sustained multiple injuries and had to be lifted from the ravine with the use of a hoist and basket stretcher onto the rescue helicopter. The patient was flown to the Keene Helibase and transferred to a waiting ground ambulance for transport to a Bakersfield hospital for treatment and observation.

Additional Information: The Kern County Fire Department urges residents and hikers to exercise caution in remote areas of the county. Travel with a companion whenever possible and wear suitable footwear for the intended activity. A little pre planning and extra caution can mean the difference between recreation and recuperation.

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