Third Party Gas Dig Incident


Incident Name: Third Party Gas Incident
Incident Time: 3:30:00 pm
Incident Date: 11-13-2015
Incident Location:

Houghton and Wible Road

Incident Type: Third Party Gas Dig
Resources Used:

Engines 52, 53, 54, 51, 66; Patrols

53, 52; Truck 55, Water Tenders 11,

55, 67; Haz-Mat 66; Light and Air 66;

Battalions 5, 6; Command 5; Safety

Officer; PIO; Fire Investigations 11, 5,

4; Helicopter 407, Training 2 

Personnel: 78


South West Bakersfield, CA

At 3:30 this afternoon, the Kern County Fire Department received a call of a natural gas leak with fire at the intersection of Houghton Road and Wible Road. Crews found that a 36 inch natural gas line had been damaged due to digging operations and the leaking gas ignited causing a 200 foot fire ball. The equipment operator succumbed to his injuries; three nearby residents were transported to local hospitals. Crews isolated the area and notified law enforcement for assistance with the evacuation of homes in close proximity to the leak. Nearby Granite Point School and McKee Middle School were advised of the leak and teachers and students were asked to shelter in place. Other residents in the area were notified of the hazard. Firefighters and Investigators will remain on scene. 

Evacuations:  Homes and businesses in the immediate vicinity.

Road Closures:  In effect around the incident location.

Assisting Agencies:  KCSO, CHP, Environmental Health, Bakersfield Police, County Roads, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Additional Information:  The Kern County Fire Department would like to remind the community to call 811 before digging. In addition, when gas lines have been marked by the Utility company, the gas line should be identified visually before using machinery in close proximity.





















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