Acrolein Incident

Incident Name: Acrolein Incident
Incident Time: 5:54:00 pm
Incident Date: 05-31-2015
Incident Location:

5800 Block of Dennis McCarthy Dr.

Incident Type: Hazardous Materials
Resources Used:

Haz-Mat 66; Engine 55; Truck 55,

Battalion 5; Command 6; 

Information 1

Personnel: 15


Mettler, CA

Just before 6:00 PM this evening, the Kern County Fire Department received a call for a hazardous material leak in the 5800 block of Dennis McCarthy Drive at a truck stop. KCFD Truck 55 arrived on scene and was met by the driver of the truck who advised that he had discovered a leak while doing a routine inspection of his cargo. He had opened the rear door of his trailer, smelled a pungent odor, and closed the door immediately. Crews identified the hazardous material in question as acrolein, a highly toxic and flammable substance, and initiated an evacuation of the parking lot. A 1500 foot isolation perimeter was established around the trailer while fire-fighters awaited the arrival of the KCFD Hazardous Materials Response Team from Bakersfield. After a safety briefing, Haz-Mat Fire-fighters made entry in Level-D Suits and utilized monitors to confirm an active leak within the trailer. It was determined that the leak was unable to be controlled in the highly populated area. The decision was made to transport the truck and trailer to its intended destination where KCFD and a third party environmental service could coordinate an operation to control the leak. The truck and trailer were escorted by CHP, Haz-Mat 66 and Kern County Environmental Health to the facility in Taft. The truck driver was evaluated at the scene by fire-fighters and Hall Ambulance personnel but declined medical treatment.

Evacuations: NW corner of the truck stop parking lot.

Road Closures: None

Assisting Agencies: CHP, KC Environmental Health, Hall Ambulance





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