Tehachapi Plane Crash

Incident Name: Plane Crash
Incident Time: 1:45:00 pm
Incident Date: 05-26-2014
Incident Location: Goodrick Dr & N. Dennison Rd, Tehachapi, CA
Incident Type: Plane Crash
Resources Used: 3 Engines, 3 Overhead
Number of Personnel: 12
Assisting Agencies: Tehachapi Police Department


A single engine private plan was attempting to make a landing at the Tehachapi Airport and flew past the end of the runway and landed head first into a road at the end of the airport. The pilot and his passenger were able to evacuate themselves from the aircraft. Kern County Firefighters assisted the pilot and his passenger and helped contain a small 10 gallon fuel leak from the aircraft, preventing it spreading into local storm drains.
Current Situation:  The cause of the accident is under investigation by the NTSB. Control of the scene has been turned over to Tehachapi PD. The amount of damage to the aircraft is undetermined at this time.




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