The Technology Services section of the Kern County Fire Department is responsible for managing and maintaining the department’s information systems and services throughout the County. We maintain a stable electronic work environment, collaborate with staff in the use of information technology, identify emerging technologies to meet the department’s needs, protect the department’s investment in technology and provide training to staff on proper use of software and equipment.

This year the Technology Services employees delivered services to over 640 users, oversaw the departmental Wide Area Network connecting 47 stations & additional service locations all over Kern County including the Emergency Communication Center (ECC) and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Technology personnel supported 37 servers, 370 PCs and 50 Mobile Data Computers (MDC) located in vehicles & apparatus.  Additionally the section was tasked with supporting all Bakersfield City Fire MDCs.

Over the network station alerting (Zetron) became fully operational this year freeing up valuable radio communication space. The system allows ECC to efficiently respond to emergencies by managing the assets of multiple fire stations. A single piece of firefighting equipment, an entire station, or multiple stations can be dispatched by selecting them from their PC screen or from the push of a few buttons. Visual indications help the operator select which stations should respond, as well as determine which vehicles are available, which have already been dispatched, or are out of service.

Other notable applications in use by the department include Computer Aided Dispatch (911), Fire Records Management System, Collaborative software, ReadyKern (Emergency Notification), Telestaff, and GIS systems.

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