6/1/2015 @ 8:30 PM

KCFD sends 42 Firefighters to assist with Chimney Fire in Tulare County

The Kern County Fire Department has sent a Type 3 Strike Team, Helicopter 408, and a Hand Crew to assist with the Chimney Fire that is burning 15 miles northeast of Kernville.

The following units are responding with 3 person staffing:

  • Engine 314: Mojave
  • Engine 336: Glennville
  • Engine 345: Edison
  • Engine 363: Oildale
  • Engine 376: Kernville


The Strike Team is led by a Strike Team Leader and Assistant Strike Team Leader for a total of 16 personnel.

Helicopter 408 and Support Units are on scene with 10 personnel.

Crew 10 is responding with 15 personnel.

A KCFD Refrigeration Unit (Reefer-Truck) is responding with 1 person.


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