It is with great pleasure that the Kern County Fire Department announces that Recruit Firefighter Chad Chebbi will be receiving "Paramedic of the Year" awarded by Kern County Emergency Medical Service.

Recruit Chebbi was nominated for his work as a paramedic in Kern County prior to him being hired by the Kern County Fire Department. Chad is receiving this award because of his high level of integrity and compassion that he has demonstrated on a daily basis and is a great example to EMS responders everywhere. There are many times documented, of how Chad went above and beyond to make his patients feel safe and well taken care of in the EMS system. One such instance was how; after the care that a pregnant mother received from Chad, the child was then nicknamed after him.

Many times since Chad had left the ambulance company to pursue his goals of becoming a firefighter, the citizens that know him, often ask his ambulance partner about his well-being and how he is doing with the fire service.

The award ceremony will be on Tuesday May 20th at 9:00am in the Board of Supervisor’s Chambers. All are invited to attend and celebrate the accomplishments of Recruit Firefighter Chad Chebbi.

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