Incident Name: Pond Incident
Incident Location: Pond Road east of Highway 99
Incident Time: 11:10:00 p.m.
Incident Date: 11-10-2017
Incident Type: Hazardous Materials
Equipment Assigned: Engines 33, 34, 37; Battalion 3; HAZMAT 66; Safety Officers; PIO
Hazardous Material: Ammonia
Total Personnel: 18


Delano,  CA

At 11:10 p.m. Wednesday night, the Kern County Fire Department received a call for a possible ammonia leak at a cold storage and food processing facility. The initial reports indicated that employees smelled an odor of ammonia.  Subsequent reports stated that several employees had symptoms of difficulty breathing.  Additional units were requested to the scene including KCFD Hazardous Materials Team, additional ambulances, and personnel from Kern County Environmental Health.  Firefighters evacuated all employees a safe distance away from the leak and then provided medical care for the symptomatic patients.  The Incident Commander confirmed that all employees were accounted for.  A total of four employees experienced symptoms—3 were transported to the hospital by ambulance, 1 refused further treatment and transport.

Firefighters from HAZMAT 66 were able to access the ammonia leak while wearing specialized suits that offer protection from the hazardous gases.  The leak was stopped after firefighters secured a series of valves.  Firefighters sampled the air in the area near the leak and confirmed that there was no longer any hazards. 

Assisting Agencies: Environmental Health, Delano Ambulance




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