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Incident Name: Tule Incident
Incident Time: 01:0p:00 PM
Incident Date: 04-21-2016
Incident Location:

Famoso Woody Road

Incident Type: Grass Fire
Resources Used:

Engines 335, 363; Patrols 35, 33,

31, 61; Water Tender 51; Battalions

3, 6; Safety 3; Information 1

Personnel: 21


Bakersfield, CA

Just after 1:00 PM, a KCFD Fire Heavy Equipment Operator (FHEO) noticed smoke in the area of Famoso Woody Road. He reported the fire over the radio and requested a First Alarm Wildland Response. When the FHEO arrived on scene he encountered two acres of burning grass with a moderate rate of spread. The fire moved uphill and grew to approximately five acres before additional crews arrived to assist. Firefighters utilized existing roads and added containment lines around the fire, holding it to 6.5 acres. The fire was controlled in one hour. Firefighters believe that the fire started by arcing power lines near the origin of the fire.   

Assisting  Agencies:   Bureau of Land Management








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