Incident Name: Thompson Canyon Incident
Incident Time: 6:12:00 am
Incident Date: 07-18-2015
Incident Location:

Thompson Canyon

Incident Type: Wildland Fire
Resources Used:

Engines 72, 371, 376, 378;  Patrols

72, 76, 78, 11; Water tender 11;

Crew 7; Dozers 3, 5; Dozer Manager;

Helicopter 408; Safety 3; PIO 3;

Battalion Chiefs; 3 Law Enforcement


Personnel: 53



Shortly after 6:00 AM, Kern County Fire received a report of white smoke coming from the Thompson Canyon area. An immediate first alarm interagency response was started. Helicopter 408 arrived on scene and immediately started to drop water on to the fire. The fire was in a remote location which engine crews had a slight extended response. Fire crews arrived shortly after and started to deploy hose packs around the fire. Due to the low relative humidity and drought, Kern County Fire Crews, with their quick actions, were able to have hose packs deployed around the fire and contain it to approximately an acre in a half. Fire crews will remain on scene and will continue to mop up.

The Kern County Fire Department urges the public to clear grass from around their fence lines and to provide a defensible space around structures to reduce the threat to life and property.















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