Incident Name: Lightening and Acrolein Incident
Incident Time: 4:25:00 am
Incident Date: 07-01-2015
Incident Location:

Hwy 178, 4.3 miles into the Canyon

Incident Type: Wildland Fire
Resources Used:

Engines 42, 45; USAR 52; Patrols

11, 41, 51, 54, 64; Water Tender 11;

Helicopter 407; Dozers 3, 7; Dozer

Manager; Crew 10; Battalions 4, 6, 8;

Command 5; Safety 5; Information 1

USFS Equipment Assigned: Engines

46, 47; Patrol 47; Battalion 42; Law

Enforcement Office 

Personnel: 58



Just before 4:30 AM, the Kern County Fire Department responded to a report of a vehicle accident on Highway 178, 4.3 miles east of the mouth of the Kern River Canyon. As crews approached the scene, they encountered a fast growing vegetation fire on the south side of the highway and requested more resources to assist with the fire. Crews arrived on scene of the vehicle accident and reported a four door sedan 50 feet below the roadway on the north side of the highway. Two patients had already self-extricated from the vehicle, but were injured and unable to climb the steep hillside. Crews used a rope system to access and treat the patients. One patient with moderate injuries was carried up the hillside by firefighters in a stokes basket. The other patient sustained minor injuries and was assisted in walking up the hillside. Both patients were transported by Hall Ambulance to KMC.

Incoming crews made access to the vegetation fire from Highway 178 and from Breckenridge Road. Thirty mile per hour winds and steep vegetation allowed the fire to spread quickly uphill. Firefighters worked to hold the fire at the crest of the mountain and tied into the highway to stop the lateral spread of the fire. Light rains assisted in the extinguishment of the fire. The fire was held at 50 acres.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by USFS Law Enforcement. Highway 178 remains closed but should be reopened within two hours.

Assisting Agencies: USFS, CHP, BPD, Cal Trans









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