Incident Name: Fairfax Middle School Incident
Incident Time: 7:30:00 am
Incident Date: 05-06-2014
Incident Location: Fairfax Middle School
Incident Type:  
Resources Used: 3 Engines, 0 Patrols, 1 Truck, 1 Other Equip, 1 Hazmat, 3 Overhead
Number of Personnel: 20
Assisting Agencies:

CHP, Environmental Health

Cause:  Crop duster overspray


Fairfax Middle School


Fire crews received a call for a strong odor at Fairfax Middle School after a crop duster sprayed a field near the school. The children sheltered in place and crews made sure no one was exposed to the chemical. The Kern County Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team was able to get into contact with the field owner and found out that the spray was a lemon juice and sugar mix. Roll call was taken and no one reported any injury or exposure.





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