Incident Name: Maricopa Incident
Incident Time:

8:24:00 a.m.

Incident Date: 04-29-2020
Incident Type: Commercial Fire Incident
Cause: Unknown
Injures: None
Equipment Assigned: KCFD Engines 21, 22; Truck 21; Battalion 2; Safety 4, 5; KPIO; HazMat 66; Water Tender 55
Total Personnel: 19

Maricopa, CA

At approximately 8:24 a.m. firefighters from the Kern County Fire Department were dispatched to the Barbara Lease, near Short Road and Highway 166, for reports of a fire involving a crude oil storage tank. Upon arrival firefighters were escorted to the tank in question by employees of the Owner/Operator of the lease Holmes Western Oil Corporarion. Firefighters learned that the operators notified 9-1-1 as soon as it was reported by a nearby business that they had heard something sounding like an explosion on the lease. The operators had also already isolated the area and posted employees at roadways to block access from any nonemergency personnel. Firefighters from the Kern County Fire Hazardous Materials team made the determination after a thorough investigation, in person and with specialty equipment, that there was no longer a threat of fire. As a precaution firefighters then applied foam on top of the remaining contents of the tank to ensure safe operations during the removal of the remaining oil inside the tank. There were no injuries reported to civilians or fire personnel.

The employees of Holmes Western Oil Corporation provided a great example of how efficient emergency personnel and industries can work together during an emergency. We encourage all businesses to 1) Contact 9-1-1 early 2)Follow all safety protocols including isolating hazardous areas and denying entry as soon as possible and 3) Provide escorts for incoming emergency personnel if safe to do so.

 Assisting Agencies:  Kern County Environmental Health





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