Incident Name: Production Incident
Incident Time:

01:37:00 a.m.

Incident Date: 04-01-2020
Incident Type: Structure Fire
Cause: Unknown
Injuries: 6 minor
Structure Value Lost: $25,000
Total Value of Saved Property: $5,000,000
Equipment Assigned:

KCFD Engines 25, 31, 32, 65, 66, 67; Trucks 41, 65; Battalions 2, 4, 6; Safety Officer; Breathing Support 66

Total Personnel: 30

Bakersfield, CA

At 1:37 a.m. dispatchers, at the Kern County Emergency Communications Center, received a call reporting a fire at a manufacturing facility in west Bakersfield. When firefighters arrived on scene they met with site personnel to assist with locating the fire, while also finding the closet access door for crews to make entry and extinguish. Once firefighters made entry into the 380,000 square foot facility, a grease fire was located on one of the manufacturing lines. Firefighters were able to utilize the dry chemical fire extinguishers located within the facility. Additionally, once extinguishment was happening, ventilation louvers were opened to help remove smoke from the area. Firefighter then utilized hose lines to cool down the equipment that was involved in the fire, while also using Thermal Imaging Cameras to assure no heat was still present that could potentially reignite a grease fire. There were six employees from the facility that were assessed on scene by Hall Ambulance and released with no injuries. Additionally, there were no injuries to firefighters.

Assisting Agencies PG&E, Hall Ambulance






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