Incident Name: Meyer Incident
Incident Time:

1:30:00 a.m.

Incident Date: 01-12-2020
Incident Type: Structure Incident
Equipment Assigned: Engines 54, 51, 52, 55,42, 45; Trucks 55, 41; Safety Officer; Battalions 1, 4, 5; PIO; Breathing Support 66
Total Personnel: 30

Arvin, CA

At 23:50 1/11/2020, the Kern County Fire Department received reports of a structure fire in an apartment complex located at 909 Meyer Street, Arvin. Crews arrived on scene to find smoke and fire from a four-plex apartment building. A second alarm was ordered to increase equipment and personnel.

All occupants were alerted by smoke detectors and safely self extricated. Fire crews made entry and aggressively started an interior attack and a search for potential victims. The fire was contained to one unit receiving extensive damage. Fire crews were able to protect surrounding exposures limiting damage to the rest of the building.

A family of six living in the apartment received a SAVE Card from the Kern County Fire Department in the amount of $250 for immediate needs and temporary housing. Six other residents were displaced while power is disconnected to the other three apartments.

Assisting Agencies: Arvin Police Department, Arvin building Department and PG&E



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