Incident Name: Pacific Crest Incident
Incident Time:

2:27:00 p.m.

Incident Date: 11-15-2019
Incident Type: Hoist Rescue
Equipment Assigned: Engine 12; Patrol 12; H-407; KPIO; Battalion 1
Patients Rescued: 1
Total Personnel: 9

Tehachapi, CA

Friday around 3:00 p.m. a rescue response was dispatched by the Kern County Fire Department for a report of a hiker suffering a medical emergency on the Pacific Crest Trail. An exact location was not given, firefighters on the ground and the air began to search for the patient. H-407 was able to quickly locate the patient, approximately 2 miles from Tehachapi Willow Springs road, and began a Hoist Rescue. A paramedic rescuer was lowered to the ground to asses the patient. The patient and rescuer were then hoisted into the helicopter which flew to a nearby landing zone to transfer the patient to an awaiting ground ambulance. The patient was then transported via Hall Ambulance to a local hospital.

H-407 was a vital component in a successful outcome for this patient. The crew were able to quickly find the patient and make contact in an area inaccessible to ground vehicles. Without the use of the hoist, this incident would have involved far more resources as well as time to access and provide care for the patient.

Assisting Agencies:  Hall Ambulance.

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