Incident Name: Nusil Incident
Incident Time:

5:25:00 a.m.

Incident Date: 7-4-2019
Incident Type: Structure Fire
Equipment Assigned: Engines 61, 63, 64; Battalion Chief 6; KPIO; Breathing Support 66; Safety 6; Truck 65; HazMat 66
Cause: Undertermined
Loss Estimate: $3,000
Save Estimate: $200,000
Injuries: 2
Total Personnel: 14

Bakersfield, CA

At approximately 5:25 a.m. the Kern County Fire Department Emergency Communications Center received reports of a fire at Nusil Technology. A structure fire response was dispatched along with the KCFD Hazardous Materials Team. Upon arrival firefighters found a 55 gallon drum on fire inside the facility. Firefighters kept the fire from spreading while investigating potential risks from the products involved. After confirmation that the product burning was not reactive to water the fire was fully extinguished. KCFD HazMat  members along with Kern County Environmental Health investigated risks associated with water run off from firefighting operations. There were no concerns with run off into storm water drainage systems due to the construction features at the facility. All water has been contained on site for storage and disposal. 

A discussion with personnel at the facility confirmed that the fire ignited while an employee was transferring a hydride from one container to another. As a precaution this employee as well as another employee who was nearby at the time, were taken to a local hospital for evaluation. All other employees returned to work and the facility has resumed daily operations. There were no injuries to firefighters reported.  

Assisting agencies: Kern County Environmental Health and Hall Ambulance



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