Incident Name: Herring Incident
Incident Time: 6:41:00 a.m.
Incident Date: 7-30-2017
Incident Type: Swift Water Rescue
Incident Location: Highway 99 and Frontage of Herring Road
Equipment Assigned: Engines 53, 55;  USAR 52; Truck 55; Battalions 4, 5; Safety 4; PIO 2
Personnel:  16


Bakersfield, CA

At 6:41 this morning, the Kern County Fire Department received multiple calls for vehicle into a canal. The vehicle was traveling north bound on 99 when it veered off the freeway and landed in the canal approximately 1/4 mile south of Bear Mountain Blvd. Fire Crews had difficult access to the vehicle, but was able to utilize Truck 55's ladder to make access to the roof. Crews donned all personal protective equipment and made access from the roof to rescue the patient. The vehicle was abandoned and crews where able to complete assignment. 

 Assisting Agencies: California Highway Patrol




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