Incident Name: Paramount Incident
Incident Time: 1:58:00 p.m.
Incident Date: 10-19-2016
Incident Location:

13646 Hwy 33

Incident Type: Ag Waste Fire Rescue
Resources Used:

Engines 23, 24, 25, 26, 31, 931;

Breathing Support 66; WT 51, 55;

Truck 21; Batts 2, 3; Safety Officer;


Personnel: 29

Lost Hills, CA

Shortly before 2:00 PM, the Kern County Fire Department was dispatched to a large fire at Wonderful Pistachio with reports of smoke and flames showing. The first engine on scene was faced with agricultural waste product stored in both wood and plastic containers approximately 100 feet in length, 100 feet in width and 20 feet tall that was 70% involved in fire. A second alarm was dispatched. Firefighters were battling winds and immediately began protecting additional stacks that were threatened by the fire. With the aggressive actions of firefighters, the fire was contained to the outside rear storage location on the property and did not impact any of the raw crop storage or processing facility. Loss as a result of the fire is estimated at $80,000, while approximately $250,000 was saved. Cause of the fire is unknown.






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