Incident Name: Mine Fire Incident
Incident Time: 9:03:00 am
Incident Date: 12-26-2014
Incident Location: Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge
Incident Type: Technical Rescue
Resources Used: E75, E74, U74, USAR 52, USAR 61, Helicopter 408, KBC7
 Personnel  25


TECHNICAL RESCUE - San Bernardino County, near Randsburg

Shortly after 9:00 AM, on Friday, December 26, the Kern County Fire Department received a call for smoke emanating from an open mine shaft. Passing hikers had noticed smoke around the portal and called 9-1-1.  Although the mine was approximately 1/2 mile within San Bernardino County, KCFD responded to the hazardous condition. When the crew arrived, they noticed indications of someone entering the shaft, but none that would lead them to believe they had exited. The captain made the decision to initiate a full rescue response to render mutual aid. First arriving crews discovered a horizontal mine shaft, charged with light smoke. Emergency personnel from San Bernardino County arrived afterward and assumed command of the incident, with Kern County resources in assistance. An entry plan was developed, a rescue team assembled and entry was made. Fortunately, no victims were discovered, the shaft extended only about thirty feet in, so the fire was quickly extinguished and safety personnel returned. Although this incident happily did not produce any actual patients or victims, it provided a rare opportunity for emergency personnel from neighboring counties to coordinate in a real-life scenario and share training and expertise.

ASSISTING AGENCIES: San Bernardino County Fire Department




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