The Kern County Fire Department is committed to strengthening our local communities by supporting our local communities. To achieve this we have started the Fire Recruit Assistance Program (FireRAP), a program designed to aid individuals on their fire service career path. The assistance provided through the program benefits each participant as well as their friends, family, and community. The program is available to all and the greater an individual’s needs are, the more the program can help! How so?

The FireRAP provides assistance through three channels: 1) Education at regular workshops. 2) Mentoring by subject matter experts. 3) Connecting participants with organizations who can provide transportation or financial aid.

Example: Isabella attends a FireRAP workshop providing education about the Firefighter 1 Academy enrollment process. She gains confidence but is unsure if she is ready physically. Isabella requests assistance from a mentor who provides her with direction and guidance, which improve her physical fitness level. Oh no, the CPAT testing facility is hours away and Isabella doesn’t have a car! No problem. Through the FireRAP connections a rideshare is setup so her and others can receive free transportation to the CPAT testing facility… Isabella continues moving forward on her fire service career path.

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