If a recruitment has a closing date of continuous it may be suspended or closed without prior notice. If a job has a specific closing date, applications must be submitted by 5PM on that date.

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Firefighter Trainee / Recruit

Seeking a career in the Fire Service is very competitive and we commend you for embarking on such an exciting opportunity. The Kern County Fire Department is nationally renowned for its professionalism and commitment to duty. We have assisted at such incidents as the Katrina Hurricane Disaster, Columbia Shuttle Disaster and Recovery, 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon, as well as numerous other significant events and wild fires around the country, many more in our own state. Every day Kern County Firefighters affect the lives of those we are sworn to serve by providing medical assistance, rescuing vehicle accident victims, fighting structure fires, or providing fire safety and education information to our cities and communities.

The road to becoming a firefighter is a long and arduous one. For those of you who complete the journey, the rewards are too many to mention. A career in the Fire Service is rife with excitement, fulfillment, and purpose.
We hope that you are encouraged by this advice and the information contained on this page is helpful to you in starting your own journey towards the highly prized career as a Kern County Firefighter.


Steps to becoming a Firefighter:

  • Submit Application (We are not currently accepting applications)
  • Written Examination (Qualifying Only)
  • Performance/Skills Exam (Weighted)
  • Physical Ability Pre-Test Orientation (Optional)
  • Physical Ability Exam (Qualifying Only) (Prep Guide) (YouTube)
  • Oral Exam (Weighted)
  • Background/Pre-Employment Evaluation (Qualifying Only)



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