WebEOC Basic Training Registration Form

WebEOC is an Internet-based collaborative communications system that provides for information and resource tracking, data backup, situation analysis, and dissemination of information during EOC and/or Department Operations Center (DOC) activations and exercises. WebEOC includes a standard suite of status boards that are the electronic equivalent of large, chronological, paper-based boards typically found in EOCs and DOCs. WebEOC status boards are electronic displays that provide the ability to post, transmit, and share real-time information among WebEOC users.

DATES: See Below

TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

LOCATION: Kern County EOC, 2601 Panorama Drive, Building B, Bakersfield

(Press “5” at the front gate keypad for entry)

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This training is targeted towards personnel likely to be assigned to an EOC or DOC during activations and exercises in Kern County.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: During each two-hour training session, students will login to WebEOC. Using the WebEOC control panel, students will practice standard functions such as posting or updating Activity Log entries, making or updating Mission/Task requests, and sending messages to other students. The same material will be covered during each session.

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