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State Responsibility Area (SRA) Lookup

Cal Fire has provided a data viewer to assist landowners in determining if their property may fall within State Responsibility Area (SRA).  SRA boundaries are those adopted by the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection in January, 2011, updated to reflect changes as of July 1, 2016. They are the official boundaries recognized by the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection to define the areas where CAL FIRE has financial responsibility for fire suppression and prevention. 

Click Here to Access the Cal Fire SRA Viewer.

Received a Hazard Reduction Citation?

If you have received a hazard reduction citation and/or need more information click here to request a review.


Office of the Fire Marshal
Fire Prevention

2820 M Street Bakersfield, CA 93301
Telephone 661-391-3462 FAX 661-636-0466/67 
TTY Relay 800-735-2929

This bulletin is to alert business owners there are impersonators utilizing the name ALIK FIRE CONTROL and they are coming to businesses to service fire extinguishers.  These imposters have been using high-pressure sales tactics or deceptive methods to convince businesses to purchase their services.  Watch out for individuals with the following suspicious characteristics:

  • Wear uniforms with patches similar to those worn by Fire Department staff and give the impression that they are from the Fire Department
  • Claim that they are Fire Marshals and are authorized to close the business if not allowed to do an inspection of their fire protection systems and make subsequent repairs.
  • Claim they are there to provide service on extinguishers or hood duct systems that have previously been serviced by another company.


The Kern County Fire Department does not endorse, recommend, or send any fire protection service companies to a local business.  It is up to the business owner to seek those services when needed.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a fire protection service company:

  • Be sure that the service technician has proper identification and that he or she is from the company that you selected.
  • Ask the company to verify they have a certificate of Registration and or C-16 License which is valid and current through the California State Fire Marshal's Office and Contractors State License Board.
  • Do not permit a service company to provide service that you did not request or that is not required.
  • Do not pay by cash


We want your business, your employees, and your clients safely protected from fire.  Fire protection systems and fire extinguishers, that are properly installed and serviced, will save lives and protect property.  If you have any questions regarding this matter, or if you require assistance checking the status of a fire protection company, please call the Kern County Fire Department Fire Prevention Unit at (661) 391-3310.

Tree Mortality

Tree Mortality rates throughout California have skyrocketed.   Click here for information.

Isabella Dam Update

Click here for the latest information on the the Isabella Dam from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Kelso Creek Emergency Operations Plan

The Final Draft of the Kelso Creek Communities Emergency Operations Plan has been released.   Click here for access.

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Past Incident Info

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  Incident Name: Water Incident Incident Time: 9:15:00 a.m. Incident Date: 9-13-2018 Incident Type: Wildland...
  Incident Name: Digier Incident Incident Time: 11:25:00 a.m. Incident Date: 9-12-2018 Incident Type: Wildland...
  Incident Name: Bennett Incident Incident Time: 11:07:00 p.m. Incident Date: 9-08-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Rosewood Incident Incident Time: 1:02:00 p.m. Incident Date: 9-07-2018 Incident Type: Outside...
  Incident Name: Crestmont Incident Incident Time: 12:00:00 a.m. Incident Date: 9-07-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: School Incident Incident Time: 9:00:00 p.m. Incident Date: 8-30-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Kirklees Incident Incident Time: 12:23:00 p.m. Incident Date: 8-22-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Haldon Incident Incident Time: 1:52:00 a.m. Incident Date: 8-22-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Sterling Incident Incident Time: 2:49:00 p.m. Incident Date: 8-21-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Pine Incident Incident Time: 3:33:00 p.m. Incident Date: 8-16-2018 Incident Type: Wildland...
  Incident Name: Delano Rescue Incident Incident Time: 9:25:00 a.m. Incident Date: 8-14-2018 Incident Type: Technical...
  Incident Name: Orangewood Incident Incident Time: 11:45:00 a.m. Incident Date: 8-10-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Hughes Incident Incident Time: 9:32:00 p.m. Incident Date: 8-8-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Fresno Incident Incident Time: 2:10:00 a.m. Incident Date: 8-4-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Tarina Incident Incident Time: 2:48:00 p.m. Incident Date: 8-3-2018 Incident Type: Wildland...
  Incident Name: Breckenridge Incident Incident Time: 4:12:00 p.m. Incident Date: 7-27-2018 Incident Type: Wildland...
  Incident Name: Fay Ranch Incident Incident Time: 8:00:00 p.m. Incident Date: 7-24-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Jacona Incident Incident Time: 12:00:00 p.m. Incident Date: 7-22-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Adams Incident Incident Time: 7:10:00 a.m. Incident Date: 7-16-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Cliff Incident Incident Time: 5:13:00 p.m. Incident Date: 7-14-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Comanche Incident Incident Time: 3:55:00 p.m. Incident Date: 7-14-2018 Incident Type: Wildland...
  Incident Name: Inyo Incident Incident Time: 4:38:00 a.m. Incident Date: 7-11-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Interstate 5 Incident Incident Time: 2:50:00 a.m. Incident Date: 7-11-2018 Incident...
  Incident Name: Lebec Road Incident Incident Time: 1:30:00 p.m. Incident Date: 7-8-2018 Incident Type: Wildland...
  Incident Name: Boat Launch Incident Incident Time: 8:50:00 a.m. Incident Date: 7-3-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Ridgecrest Incident Incident Time: 7:38:00 p.m. Incident Date: 7-1-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Pioneer Incident Incident Time: 10:00:00 p.m. Incident Date: 6-30-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: 2nd Street Incident Incident Time: 8:52:00 p.m. Incident Date: 6-22-2018 Incident Type: Structure...
  Incident Name: Highway 99 and 166 Incident Incident Time: 8:05:00 p.m. Incident Date: 6-22-2018 Incident Type: Vehicle...

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Do Not Get Ripped Off!

BEWARE of fraudulent fire inspectors

In 2010, the County of Kern found individuals and a fire protection company posing as firefighters performing fire inspections of our local businesses. Our investigations revealed that the subjects would enter a business suggesting they represented the fire department and stating they were going to perform the “quarterly fire inspection”. After these fraudulent inspections, businesses would receive an invoice for various services that were allegedly performed. This was then followed by “aggressive and professional collection efforts”.

The Kern County Fire Department conducts fire inspections in all Kern businesses once per calendar year. Business owners should not let anyone inspect their fire extinguisher, sprinkler system or alarm system, unless you know they are legitimate or until requested by Kern County Fire Department personnel when performing their annual fire inspections.

Fire protection companies DO NOT have the authority to require a business to have any work performed if they visit your business.

Thank you for helping us combat this fraud. If you have any questions call the Office of the Fire Marshal at (661) 391-3310.


Fire Protection Business & Professional Requirements

When someone enters your business to perform any type of fire protection work, they must do three things before you should even consider retaining their services.

  1. They must tell you what company they are from, why they are in your business, and produce a business card.
  2. They must tell you what they intend to do and what the estimated costs are before they do anything (DO NOT PAY IN CASH!). Invoicing records are important for your business and legal avenues.
  3. They must leave any parts that they have replaced and charged for you. They must leave you with a signed invoice. (Also know what you are signing with any invoicing.)

We recommend you ask to see their current company identification, a C-16 or C-10 license issued by the California Contractors State License Board or a F.E. Certificate of Registration Card.


You can always refuse service and request, at any time, that a Kern Fire Department Inspector visit your business.

We will gladly advise you of any needed service. Thank you for helping us combat fraud.

Office of the Fire Marshal

Code Enforcement Unit


The Fire Prevention Division of the Kern County Fire Dept. inspects all new construction, major remodels, and fire protection system revisions to ensure compliance with the California Fire Code.

For detailed information on the Plan Review and Construction Inspection process or to schedule an inspection, please call 661-391-3310.




Click on the following links to learn more about Fire Safety!




      US Forest Service









When a major emergency hits, a community can be impacted beyond their resources.

It is essential our communities be prepared for potential impacts, that a major emergency can create. From floods to earthquakes being prepared for an emergency may be your chance to survive until emergency services can arrive. Be prepared!


Emergency Checklist

  • Find out which disasters could occur in your area.
  • Ask how to prepare for each disaster.
  • Ask how you would be warned of an emergency.
  • Learn your community's evacuation routes.
  • Ask about special assistance for elderly or disabled persons.
  • Ask your workplace about emergency plans.
  • Learn about emergency plans for your children's school or day care center.
Create an Emergency Plan
  • Meet with household members. Discuss with children the dangers of fire, severe weather, earthquakes, and other emergencies.
  • Discuss how to respond to each disaster that could occur.
  • Discuss what to do about power outages and personal injuries.
  • Draw a floor plan of your home. Mark two escape routes from each room. Learn how to turn off the water, gas, and electricity at main switches.
  • Post emergency telephone numbers near telephones.
  • Teach children how and when to call 911, police, and fire.
  • Instruct household members to turn on the radio for emergency information.
  • Pick one out-of-state and one local friend or relative for family members to call if separated by disaster (it is often easier to call out-of-state than within the affected area).
  • Teach children how to make long distance telephone calls.

Pick two meeting places and be prepared.


  • A place near your home in case of a fire.
  • A place outside your neighborhood in case you cannot return home after a disaster.
  • Take a Basic First Aid and CPR Class
  • Keep family records in a water-and fire-proof container.
 P repare a Disaster Supply Kit

Assemble supplies you might need in an evacuation. Store them in an easy-to-carry container, such as a backpack or duffle bag.


  • A supply of water (one gallon per person per day). Store water in sealed, unbreakable containers. Identify the storage date and replace every six months.
  • A supply of non-perishable packaged or canned food and a non-electric can opener.
  • A change of clothing, rain gear, and sturdy shoes.
  • Blankets or sleeping bags.
  • A first aid kit and prescription medications.
  • An extra pair of glasses if used.
  • A battery-powered radio, flashlight, and plenty of extra batteries.
  • Credit cards and cash.
  • An extra set of car keys.
  • A list of family physicians.
  • A list of important family information; the style and serial number of medical devices, such as pacemakers.
  • Special items for infants, elderly, or disabled family members.

For more information on being prepared go to www.ready.gov

WebEOC is an Internet-based collaborative communications system that provides for information and resource tracking, data backup, situation analysis, and dissemination of information during EOC and/or Department Operations Center (DOC) activations and exercises. WebEOC includes a standard suite of status boards that are the electronic equivalent of large, chronological, paper-based boards typically found in EOCs and DOCs. WebEOC status boards are electronic displays that provide the ability to post, transmit, and share real-time information among WebEOC users.

DATES: See Below
TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
LOCATION: Kern County EOC, 2601 Panorama Drive, Building B, Bakersfield
(Press “5” at the front gate keypad for entry)
INTENDED AUDIENCE: This training is targeted towards personnel likely to be assigned to an EOC or DOC during activations and exercises in Kern County.
COURSE DESCRIPTION: During each two-hour training session, students will login to WebEOC. Using the WebEOC control panel, students will practice standard functions such as posting or updating Activity Log entries, making or updating Mission/Task requests, and sending messages to other students. The same material will be covered during each session.



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