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Fire Prevention Has Relocated

Please note that as of Monday, March 13, 2017, the Fire Prevention Division of the Kern County Fire Department will no longer be located at the headquarters office (5642 Victor Street, 93308) or Public Services Building (2700 M Street, 93301).

In order to improve Fire Department’s efficiency to our citizens, both offices have been conveniently consolidated under a cost-neutral agreement to relocate to their new location at 2820 M Street, just north of Golden State Avenue. This strategic location (formally the Parks & Recreation Dept.) is across the street from the Public Services Building and will streamline the permit process as a one-stop shop for our constituents.

The Kern County Fire Prevention Division plays a very important role in the Department’s overall mission. This unit is tasked with implementing the policies and programs that reduce the magnitude of emergencies, and prevents or minimizes the loss of life, property, and environmental damage. The Fire Prevention Division provides education to our public, the engineering per the fire code during plan review, and enforcement of the fire code to meet our goals.

We look forward to serving you at our new location. Operating hours will remain 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday and will be closed for lunch from Noon – 1pm. Also, the Fire Prevention Division can be reached at their new phone number (661) 391-3310 for any questions.

Fire Hazard Reduction Information Update for 2017

A Fire Hazard Reduction Notification has been issued for 2017.   Click the Hazard Reduction Tab for more information.

State Responsibility Area (SRA) Lookup

Cal Fire has provided a data viewer to assist landowners in determining if their property may fall within State Responsibility Area (SRA).  SRA boundaries are those adopted by the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection in January, 2011, updated to reflect changes as of July 1, 2016. They are the official boundaries recognized by the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection to define the areas where CAL FIRE has financial responsibility for fire suppression and prevention. 

Click Here to Access the Cal Fire SRA Viewer.

Received a Hazard Reduction Citation?

If you have received a hazard reduction citation and/or need more information click here to request a review.

Hazard Reduction Burning on State Responsibility Area Land

The Kern County Fire Department is now opening hazard reduction burning on State Responsibility Area (SRA) land.

A significant change has occurred in the communities of Lebec, Frazier Park, and Pine Mountain Club. The Los Padres National Forest will no longer administer SRA hazard reduction burning in Kern County. The Kern County Fire stations in these communities will serve as the permitting authority for their respective response areas. Permits will be made available to the public during business hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. As always, permits shall be provided only to those property owners who meet the clearance and safety requirements.

Tree Mortality

Tree Mortality rates throughout California have skyrocketed.   Click here for information.

Isabella Dam Update

Click here for the latest information on the the Isabella Dam from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Kelso Creek Emergency Operations Plan

The Final Draft of the Kelso Creek Communities Emergency Operations Plan has been released.   Click here for access.

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Incident Name: Highway 33 Incident Incident Location: 13600 block of Highway 33 Incident Time: 10:49:00 a.m. Incident...
Incident Name: Gromer Incident Incident Location: 28900 block of Gromer Avenue Incident Time: 1:18:00 p.m. Incident...
Incident Name: Grapevine Incident Incident Location: I-5 at Grapevine Road Incident Time: 3:31:00 a.m. Incident...
Incident Name: Keene Incident Incident Location: 2 miles northwest of Keene Incident Time: 11:55:00 a.m. Incident...
Incident Name:  James Market Incident Incident Location: 14000 Block of Highway 178 Incident Time: 11:45:00 p.m. Incident...
Incident Name: Bena Incident Incident Location: Bena Road and Highway 58 Incident Time: 9:45:00 p.m. Incident...
Incident Name:  Wonderful Incident Incident Location: Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds Incident Time: 9:21:00 p.m. Incident...
Incident Name: Oregon Incident Incident Location: 200 Block of Oregon Street Incident Time: 4:33:00 p.m. Incident...
Incident Name: Quarry Incident Incident Location: South of Highway 223, 5 miles east of Arvin  Incident Time: 10:28:00...
Incident Name: Willow Incident Incident Location: Willow Drive between South Oildale Drive & Hickerson Drive Incident...
Incident Name: Pond Incident Incident Location: Pond Road east of Highway 99 Incident Time: 11:10:00 p.m. Incident...
Incident Name: Lacewood Incident Incident Location: 600 block of Lacewood Court Incident Time: 3:58:00 p.m. Incident...
Incident Name: Naylor Incident Incident Location: 300 block of Naylor Avenue Incident Time: 7:00:00 a.m. Incident...
Incident Name: Tule Incident Incident Location: 400 block of Tule Road Incident Time: 5:19:00 p.m. Incident...
Incident Name: Eastern Incident Incident Time: 1:50:00 a.m. Incident Date: 09-22-2017 Incident Type: Structure...
Incident Name: Cecil Incident Incident Time: 6:20:00 p.m. Incident Date: 09-22-2017 Incident Type: Structure...
Incident Name: Mountain Park Incident Incident Time: 3:00:00 p.m. Incident Date: 09-5-2017 Incident...
Incident Name: Poplar Incident Incident Time: 2:05:00 p.m. Incident Date: 09-4-2017 Incident Type: Structure...
Incident Name: Jay Incident Incident Time: 1:27:00 p.m. Incident Date: 09-1-2017 Incident Type: Structure...
Incident Name: Tehachapi Incident Incident Time: 2:40:00 p.m. Incident Date: 08-26-2017 Incident Type: Technical...
Incident Name: White Incident Incident Time: 2:50:00 p.m. Incident Date: 08-26-2017 Incident Type: Structure...
Incident Name: Grapevine Incident Incident Time: 4:45:00 p.m. Incident Date: 08-24-2017 Incident Type: Wildland...
Incident Name: Harding Incident Incident Time: 1:09:00 p.m. Incident Date: 08-17-2017 Incident Type: Structure...
Incident Name: Concord Incident Incident Time: 11:45:00 p.m. Incident Date: 08-16-2017 Incident Type: Structure...
Incident Name: Morning Incident Incident Time: 9:10 p.m. Incident Date: 08-16-2017 Incident Type: Wildland...
Incident Name: Buchanan Incident Incident Time: 1:02 p.m.   strong>Incident Date: 08-16-2017 Incident...
Incident Name: Highway 58 Incident Incident Time: 3:49:00 p.m. Incident Date: 8-13-2017 Incident Type: Grass...
Incident Name: Sierra Incident Incident Time: 11:52:00 a.m. Incident Date: 8-13-2017 Incident Type: Wildland...
Incident Name: Gulch Incident Incident Time: 11:27:00 a.m. Incident Date: 8-11-2017 Incident Type: Wildland...
Incident Name: Grapevine Incident Incident Time: 2:33:00 p.m. Incident Date: 8-10-2017 Incident Type: Wildland...

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Kern County has thousands of dead and dying trees that are threatening public safety and infrastructure. The County is taking action to work towards mitigating hazardous dead trees in the following ways:   

•    On April 5, 2016 the Board of Supervisors proclaimed a Local State of Emergency due to pervasive tree mortality. 
•    On October 30, 2015 Governor Brown issued a State of Emergency proclamation.  This proclamation recognizes and addresses the need for the removal of dead and dying trees throughout the State.
Tree Mortality Task Force

The Kern County Tree Mortality Task Force was assembled to develop a response plan for removing dead and dying hazard trees. The goal of the Task Force is to collaborate with local, as well as private, and public partners to identify and remove dead and dying trees which threaten public safety and infrastructure (power lines, water systems, roads/highways, communication lines, etc.). County staff continue to work towards mitigating the threat of dead and dying trees with our partners. The first step is to identify and prioritize areas where dead trees need to be removed to protect public infrastructure.

Supervisor Scrivner and the Kern County Fire Department are members of the Governor's Tree Mortality Task Force. This task force meets on a monthly basis and provides a forum for coordination and information sharing among local, state, federal, private and non-profit agencies in an effort to ensure public safety and continuity of essential services from the threat of tree mortality across the State of California.

Tree Mortality Coordination Efforts

There are a number of tree removal efforts taking place in Kern County and these will continue as new dead trees are identified and funding is obtained. Below is an outline of the various projects to remove trees around Kern County.

•    State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund grants were secured in 2015 for Bear Valley Springs, the Frazier Mt. Park area, and the Alpine Forest Park area.  These projects will utilize both private contractors and Kern County Fire Department personnel. 
•    Utility companies have been removing a large number of trees that threaten their infrastructure, especially in Bear Valley Springs and Alta Sierra.
•    Cal Trans has removed trees along State highways such as Highway 155 near Greenhorn Summit.
•    Private landowners have hired contractors to remove many dead trees that threaten their homes.

Kern County will continue to apply for additional grants to remove dead trees and treat other hazardous fuels.  These projects, which can cost thousands of dollars per acre, can be prohibitively expensive for landowners.  Landowners who wish to have trees removed or fuels treated through one of these grants will be required to sign a Right-of-Entry form that’s limits the liability of the County of Kern and it’s contractors. 

Private landowners can also get financial assistance to remove trees and replant through the California Forest Improvement Program (CFIP) or the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  

Landowners in the State designated tree mortality zone who wish to have trees removed (conifers only) or fuels treated through one of these grants will be required to sign a Right-of-Entry form that’s limits the liability of the County of Kern and it’s contractors.

Additional Links

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Tree Mortality: Seeing is Believing - Blog written by CSAC President Richard Forster



The California Bark Beetle Epidemic

Tree Mortality: 29 Million & Counting


These resources made available to you from the County and its partner agencies. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact:

Jeff Gletne
Kern County Fire Department
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(661) 391-7075

Updated soon.

Kern County Public Works Department - Location of Sand Piles available to the Public (for sandbagging)

1.   KC Fire Dept Site (5642 Victor Street)
2.   Edison Hwy (south side of road, ¾ miles east of Hwy 184)

1.   David Head Center – San Diego Street

Lake Isabella Area
1.   Wofford Heights Park (E. Evans Rd)
2.   Hanning Flat (along Sierra Way)
3.   Lake Isabella “Tank” Park  (on Lake Isabella Blvd near Elizabeth Norris Rd)
4.   Squirrel Mtn Valley – along McCray Rd at Dogwood Ave

Glennville Area
1.  Linn’s Valley Poso Flat School (White River Rd at Hwy 155)

1.   On Cal Bodfish Road

1.   Rodeo Grounds (on Scodie Ave)

Frazier Park / Lake of the Woods / Pine Mtn Club
1.   Lebec Road just west of the Interstate 5 (Lebec off ramp)
2.   Frazier Mountain County Park
3.   Kern County Fire Station (West End Drive at Mt Pinos Way)
4.   Lake of the Woods – Cuddy Hall
5.   Pine Mountain Club – Kern County Fire Station

1.   10th Street at Front Street (vacant lot)

1.   Corner of “E” Street and “D” Street

1.   Kern County Sheriff’s Department (1379 Sierra Hwy )

1.   Golden Hills Country Club Lot - Woodford-Tehachapi Road and Country Club Drive
2.   Kern County Fire Department, Camp 8 - 20569 Eumatilla Road






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